• Success Stories

    • Mrs. N: Easy Transition, Expert Treatment
      Aug 05, 2014
      Mrs. N is an 86-year-old mother, sister and resident of Regency Place of Greenwood. After hip replacement surgery Mrs. N began to experience complications with the hardware,... Read More
    • Teddy: Motivated to Recover
      Aug 05, 2014
      Teddy, 19, lives with his father and mother. He was born with myotonic dystrophy, with mental and physical delays. He loves video games, movies and junk food.One day Teddy... Read More
    • Scott: Cowboy's Daring Recovery
      Aug 05, 2014
      Scott is his given name but family and friends call him "Cowboy". Scott, a mechanic all his life, loves deer hunting, motor cross, golfing and hockey and has always been... Read More
  •  Jessica's Story

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